Children also feel the negative effects of civilization and struggle with stress. Let them cast off this burden, breathe freely on a mountain peak, feel the joy and true carefreeness.

The culinary preferences of the youngest Guests have no secrets for us. We can prepare the most popular children's dishes so that they delight with taste and are healthy at the same time. Try it. There will be more!

The quintessence of a good hotel stay for kids is carefree fun in the pool. Safe basin, designed to entertain the youngest, is a place your children will love. In the warm, clear water, in a paddling pool up to 50 cm deep with plenty of water attractions and toys, children will forget about the whole world and have a great time at any time of the year. We also encourage you to instill the sauna bug in your children. Sessions in the family sauna can be the beginning of a beautiful tradition, as well as a great way to unwind, relax the muscles, and improve immunity.

Relaxation, technology, and a bit of adrenaline? In Campus, our games room, you will find consoles with popular games for kids and adults. Have fun!